3 Key Design Considerations For Your Commercial Flat Roofing Installation

Posted on: 11 November 2021

Planning to install a flat roof on your commercial building? Like other roof types, flat roofs require a well-thought-out design to work properly. A good commercial flat roof design should not only protect the building from the weather and harsh elements but also increase the efficiency and visual appeal of the entire building.

With that said, several factors come into play when designing a flat roof for a commercial building. As a result, not all commercial flat roofs are created equal. If you want to boost your chances of project success when building a commercial flat roof, check out these critical roof design considerations.

The Roof's Thermal Efficiency

Flat roofs are a preferred choice for commercial buildings because they save money on roof installation costs. However, their minimal slope tends to increase the risk of water vapor penetration. This can hurt the overall thermal efficiency of the roofs.

When designing a flat roof for your commercial building, you should think about the most effective way to prevent heat loss and keep the moisture out. This will require using the right type of insulation in the right areas of the roofing system. 

The type and location of your roof insulation will depend on the flat roof design type that you deem appropriate for your commercial building. This means choosing from three main flat roof designs: warm, cold, and inverted.

The Roof's Load-Bearing Capacity

One of the biggest advantages of flat roofs is their ability to accommodate mechanical equipment like air conditioners and furnaces. However, these pieces of equipment only put extra strain on the load capacity of the roofs.

When designing your commercial flat roof, you should think about the roofing loads caused by natural stresses such as winds and rain as well as those imposed by additional stresses like your commercial equipment.

The Roof's Overall Appearance 

While commercial flat roofs are not usually designed with aesthetics top of mind, they contribute to the overall look of the building. 

With that said, you should think about the shape, color, and general appearance of your roof-covering material to ensure you choose something that complements the architectural style of your commercial building.

Building a commercial flat roof is a project that you'll want to get right the first time because of the time and expenses involved. To minimize the risk of project failure, it's recommended you use a roofing specialist from design to completion. To learn more, contact a commercial flat roof installation service. 


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